Monday, December 13, 2010

Hotdogs In The Fireplace

     Soooo its been very cold lately down here in Atlanta and I decided to make a pot of chili.  I hate to admit it but out of all the things i know how to make, I've never made chili before in my life.  Shame on me.  I'm normally the type of cook who likes to make things from scratch.  I hate using mixes and prepackaged food so it really bothered me that I was going to have to settle for chili seasoning mix.
     Being from the Washington DC area I grew up eating chili exclusively on snow days.  Those were the days when my Mom would stay home from work and my sister and I would go sledding down our front yard hill of our house.  I remember coming in the house with my fingers nearly frozen off ready to chow down.  And after all those times I never sat and watched my Mom make it.  I always had the end result.  Over the last 10 years I've been fortunate enough to have a turkey chili made every year after Thanksgiving.  My sisters mother-in-law makes it every year and its great.  And for whatever reason Im never around when she makes her chili either....something about me and chili I guess.  This time it was my turn to make it on my own.  My boyfriend went to the store for me and we collectively pulled the ingredients together to make chili.


1 packet of McCormicks Chili Mix (follow the steps on the packet)

 I always have to add my own little spin on things so I added:

1 Medium onion chopped
1/2 large green pepper chopped
1 tsp Cumin
1 can stewed tomatoes'

     I just followed the instructions on the packets and added my other ingredients with the meat.  It came out pretty well, but I must say chili is always better the next day!!!  After all the flavors got to marinate together it was soooooo good!!
     Im blessed to have a fireplace in my apartment and since its been so cold, I decided to light the fireplace.  My boyfriend had recently purchased some hotdogs so I decided to get a little experimental and make hotdogs in the fireplace.
     Im the type of person who likes her hotdogs burned like they came off the grill at a cookout and its a little too cold outside to stand around a grill so I had to improvise. I like them a little crispy on the outside with a little mustard and some ketchup.  If available I'll take relish and some onions too!!! Lol  I know its a huge risk because onions will have your breath extra hot!! Hope you have some gum nearby for that one. Back to the hot dogs......
     So, I didn't have any of those long forks to roast the hot dogs on so I had to improvise.  Wire hangers! I know you're either thinking "who has wire hangers?' or "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!!" from Mommy Dearest.  They give you back wire hangers when you get clothes from the dry cleaners.  Everybody has some.  Just burn the end of it in the fire.  That should sterilize it enough (i think) dont quote me on that. lol.  Unbend the hanger and insert it in length wise into the hotdog. I guess you could stick it on the short way but I would be scared it would fall off into the fire.  Plus when you put it in the bun it makes it a little easier.  Cook the hot dog to your liking. I added some of the leftover chili on my hotdog for a chili dog and even went in for the raw onion.  It was great.  Im not sure how often I'll do it but it was a great experience.  I had a small flashback to my girl scout days.  I remember going on camping trips as a Brownie....or was it just Juniors?  Either way, we went camping and I remember making hotdogs. And eating not real dirt. lol   It was a dessert...I'll share that another day:)

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